where is my mind///

U know that day …when we toss the shoes…

that day U came really close to M3..

( should I say I have seen US doing it before that happend
or should I remain silent…and think it might go away…
or should I forget it …put in the drawer and never open it again…)

such a overwhelming tension…since that day I ve been asking my self …

///where is my mind…and I thought about U always with LOVE…
and the last time We hug… I knew… I am Lost…but
there somewhere should be an enormus SIGN…”Handle with care”
as our capabilities and oportunities are endless…only
when we do it with LOVE and Smiles there is no other way around it …
we can shine brighter than the diamonds…shine more like a STARS…

only with respect the rules which aplly to both the same…

LOVE never Fails



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